A Menstrual Tracking App Without Stereotypes


If you do a search in the app store for a period tracking app, what will you see? Hundreds of apps, lots with color palettes of pink or red, graphics like flower pedals, overstuffed features like mood icons and journal entries… 

Lychee was born out of frustrations with the menstrual cycle tracking apps on the market at the time. We wanted to make one app that does just menstrual tracking, simple and clean, with no fluff features or stereotypical designs.

One tap to log your period and you can forget about it (you can get back to your business). Before the next period arrives, a reminder will be sent in a discreet way to you and your partner, if chosen.  When needed, past records and trends as well as predicted future periods are readily available for planning or discussion with doctors.

App Store Reviews

Exactly what I was looking for.

Simple and straightforward. Track your period, nothing else. Love the calendar integration and the alerts.

Simple, elegant, super useful.

I like it so much. Makes my life so much easier.

My Role & Credit

Chad Camara, Yujia Zhao, Burr Walker and I worked together to design and launch Lychee.