Discover Products on Twitter

The Collection and Product pages are the second phase of Twitter’s commerce explorations. With the foundation of Buy Now from the first phase, the team looked into scaling up and further leveraging Twitter’s unique strengths for commerce. 

Authentic Voices – When Twitter Runs Hot

When do people talk about things they purchase on Twitter? When they are truly excited about the products, or truly frustrated with them. We believe that unlike typical commerce sites’ reviews, the succinct but authentic opinions on Twitter resonate more sentimentally with users. A product page aggregates real people’s Tweets about the product, alongside photos and videos of the product in use, to paint a unique picture of the product. 

Product page on iOS.

Product page on web.

Beyond capturing available Tweets, we want to encourage Twitter users to create more content about products, to share the products that make them excited. Twitter’s existing feature collection felt like a great vehicle for it. We expanded Collection’s function to enable users to curate their own collection from Tweets as well as external links. The UI was also redesigned to give more visual enticement for sharing and browsing.

Collection on iOS.

A "shopping" section outside of the timeline.

Buried Content – When Twitter Runs Cold

With unique strengths come unique challenges. The real time nature of Twitter means that information can be easily buried if it’s not presented at the right time. To make products more discoverable, we created a more permanent “shopping” section outside of the timeline, showcasing quality collections of products curated from celebrities and brands. 

In addition,  we examined various destinations on Twitter and mapped out more entry points to collections and product pages: bolder Tweets on timeline, spotlights on user profiles, and annotations on a Tweet, etc. 

Mapping out various entry points to collection and product pages.

Some entry points to collection and product page.


My Role & Credit

Brittany Forks and I worked together during the concept exploration phase. Afterwards, I owned the design of the Product page on web, iOS and Android, while Brittany owned the Collection’s design. We split the effort on the design of various entry points. Celeste Ridlen and John Cheng were the user researchers.